Panic Disorder Assessment

Do you have sudden bursts of fear for no reason?

Please put a check in the box next to any problems you have during these sudden bursts of fear.

I have chest pains or a racing heart.
I have a hard time breathing or a choking feeling.
I feel dizzy, or I sweat a lot.
I have stomach problems or feel like I need to throw up.
I shake, tremble, or tingle.
I feel out of control.
I feel unreal.
I am afraid I am dying or going crazy.

If you put a check in the box next to some of these problems, you may have Panic Disorder. If you or someone you love is having trouble with Panic Disorder, Three Rivers offers no-charge assessments. Simply call (866) 796-9911 to make an appointment. Tomorrow depends on the help you get today.

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