Social Phobia Assessment

Do you feel afraid and uncomfortable when you are around other people? Is it hard for you to be at work or school?

Please put a check in the box next to any problems you have.

I have an intense fear that I will do or say something and embarrass myself in front of other people.
I am always very afraid of making a mistake and being watched and judged by other people.
My fear of embarrassment makes me avoid doing things I want to do or speaking to people.
I worry for days or weeks before I have to meet new people.
I blush, sweat a lot, tremble, or feel like I have to throw up before and during an event where I am with new people.
I usually stay away from social situations such as school events and making speeches.
I often drink to try to make these fears go away.

If you put a check in the box next to some of these problems, you may have social phobia. If you or someone you love is having trouble with social phobia, Three Rivers offers no-charge assessments. Simply call (866) 796-9911 to make an appointment. Tomorrow depends on the help you get today.

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