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Adult Inpatient Treatment

At Three Rivers, adults in inpatient treatment receive care in intensive therapeutic programs. For patients experiencing critical behavioral health symptoms, this treatment provides stabilization with 24-hour nursing care.

This program provides intensive medication management, medication education, and reality-based programming to improve self-awareness. Seniors are welcome to participate in any adult treatment program

Crisis Stabilization Program

Our Crisis Stabilization Program is for patients with a psychiatric illness of a chronic or acute nature. The program provides intensive therapy, medication education and reality-based programming to improve self-awareness, as well as social skills and reality orientation.

Adult Psychiatric Program

This program is for patients in need of stabilization who can benefit from structured, insight-oriented groups promoting personal growth and crisis resolution for problems affecting careers, marriages, relationships and other areas.

Adult Substance Abuse Program

The Adult Substance Abuse Program consists of medical detoxification followed by appropriate inpatient rehabilitation as needed. Understanding that drug and alcohol dependencies are life-threatening diseases, we regard them as medical illnesses. Emphasis is placed on self-realization, learning relapse prevention skills, and understanding that recovery is a life-long process. Step-down to Intensive Outpatient Therapy is available.

Adult Dual Diagnosis Program

When substance abuse and psychiatric illnesses occur in conjunction, treatment may become more complicated. In our Dual Diagnosis Program, patients can receive medical detoxification and rehabilitation while also obtaining treatment for their psychiatric illness. This treatment offers an intensive therapeutic program, which provides medical and psychiatric stabilization with 24-hour nursing care for patients experiencing critical symptoms.

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